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5 Must Have Essentials For A Man’s Bathroom

As a man, you are far too busy to worry about menial aspects of life like what you should keep in your bathroom. Your focus is probably more towards work, studies, sports, and prospering in general. But to do that, a certain image of yourself needs to be present.

That image is one that mirrors the best that you can be, and yes that includes physically. It is therefore important to have the proper essentials in your bathroom so that you can perform your daily routine with ease. Now let’s talk about 5 of these essentials and their purpose for taking space in your bathroom.

#1: Beard Tools

Let’s face it, beards are in right now; perhaps more than ever before. And because your beard is front and center on your face, it is crucial that you have the necessary beard grooming tools.

The first one should come as no surprise, and that is a beard trimmer. With this, we encourage you to find a high performance beard trimmer because you will be using it almost daily and need one that can handle the wear and tear. Depending on if you have a short or longer beard, you should also pay careful attention to the length settings that come with this tool. For short beards, look for a stubble trimmer instead because it will have several short settings that can cater to that 5 o clock look.

Aside from that, you need to properly hydrate your beard. Moisturizer just wont do the trick here because your beard hair will almost certainly block passage to the skin underneath. Therefore, you will definitely need a beard oil or wax that can penetrate through and properly hydrate your skin. Look for a product strictly made from essential oils here and nothing else.

#2: A Soft-Bristle or Electric Toothbrush

Your teeth are extremely important in terms of your looks, and making sure that they are both clean and pristine is critical. Opt for a soft-bristle toothbrush or an electric one(although expensive) to adequately clean your teeth and gums without damaging them.

Hard bristle toothbrushes are responsible for several teeth and gum issues(such as receding gums), so avoid them as much as you can. You can read this wonderful post as to why you should switch to a soft toothbrush immediately.

As far as electric brushes go, they are almost certainly soft bristled and do a great job of thoroughly cleaning your teeth and gums. Lastly, make sure you floss daily to prevent plaque from building up and causing bad breath among several other problems.

#3: Skin Care Products

This does not need to be very complicated, and in most cases men completely avoid taking care of their skin. You need 3 products:

  • Facial Cleanser: Use it every night to wash away those particles and dirt that made contact with your face throughout the day.
  • Moisturizer: Apply this after you cleanse at night and every morning before you go out.
  • Sunscreen: The sun is the leading cause of skin disease. Aim for a UVA/UVB 40+ SPF sunscreen and apply it before going out every morning.

That is all you really need. You should also be chemically exfoliating once or twice a week but the bare minimum is having those 3 products above. Of course, you should know your skin type and buy products that are clearly labeled for your skin type, so keep that in mind before rushing to the pharmacy.

#4: Hair Wax or Alcohol Free Hair Gel

Some of you are lucky enough to be blessed with hair that does not require any products, but for the most of us we need a decent wax or gel. If you do use gel, avoid ones with alcohol as they will be highly toxic to the health of your hair.

There are plenty of options available, and choosing which one is not necessarily the most important part. Instead, make sure you do not over-apply too much wax or gel.

#5: Natural Body Wash

Here’s a hot take for you guys. The body wash you are using is most likely harmful to your skin. If you are buying those “big brands” for under $10, you are most likely dehydrating your skin and causing a host of other issues to your skin.

Most popular body washes on the market are made with cheap ingredients to save money, and they should be avoided at all costs. In this case, it is recommended to just pay up for a better body wash that is naturally made.

Look for essential oil based washes as they are much more safe on your skin, especially ones made with lavender oil.

After you include all these essentials in your bathroom, you will notice that it is a lot more vibrant and full than ever before. Furthermore, and more importantly, your appearance game will be on point.

5 Reasons to Clean Out Your Out Your Wardrobe

5 Reasons to Clean Out Your Out Your Wardrobe

Life changes and provides us with many opportunities to reevaluate what we have around us and what we own including our wardrobes. If you have the best in your wardrobe at the moment, don’t imagine that you’ll always love it forever. Time will come when you have great reasons to clear it out and consider filling it with new/fresh stuff. Here are five reasons to clear it out:

You Have Started Hitting the Gym

Once you decide that it’s time to start exercising and hitting the gym, you will have to give your wardrobe a new face. You will need appropriate clothes for the gym. Besides that, your body will change depending on what you do in the gym. That means, what you had in your wardrobe might no longer be okay for you. You will, therefore, have no option but to clear out your wardrobe and get new outfits and stuff for it. If you are looking for trendy fitness outfits try our friends over at they have amazing women’s activewear!

Career Change

A major change in life such as career change will no doubt require a wardrobe revamp. Your clothing will change to conform to your new job. For instance, if you have been a student and you’ve just gotten a job, you will have no option but to clear out your wardrobe and fill it with the right attire for your new career. A career change is, therefore, a critical factor that will no doubt force you to make changes in your wardrobe. You can read about some of the outfits women wear at work by getting inspiration from Classy Career Girl.  

You Have a New Member of the Family

If for instance, you’ve just got a baby, you will definitely have to change your wardrobe to meet your needs and, of course, accommodate your newborn. At such times, you will have no other option but to clear your wardrobe and get the right clothes that will meet your new requirements. Your room must be made spacious and with right clothes for yourself and the new member of the family. Not only will your outfits change, but so may your make up and everyday look!

It’s a Mess

If your wardrobe is a mess, you have no reason not to clear it out and put things in their rightful places Of course, you won’t feel okay to have a wardrobe at home that looks like the one of the lazy teenage we usually watch on movies. If what you have at the moments is contributing to the mess, you have no reason to keep it the way it is. You’ll have to clear it out and have what’s necessary only.

Your Priorities Are Changing

When you decide to rearrange your priorities, your wardrobe will definitely have to match with your new lifestyle. That means you’ll have to clear it and start filling with the right stuff. Things change, and people do also change. So your closet will also change depending on what you have at each point in time. There is no single style that works forever.

Other reasons such as change of culture, body, moving to a new place and many others will also require you to change your wardrobe. Whatever the reason you are changing for, the most important thing is to make sure that what you have at each point in time works well and meets your needs.

Miss our last post? Read about the 4 vital things you should check when buying your next hair straightener

3 Vital Things to Check When Buying a Hair Straightener

4 Vital Things to Check When Buying a Hair Straightener

Hair straighteners come in many types and serve different purposes. In fact, if you’ve never purchased one before, you might find it difficult to choose one from the very many types you will find on the market. To make your work easier when you hit the road looking for one, here are 4 vital things you should check:

Check the Maximum Temperature

A high maximum temperature is preferable when it comes to hair straightening. If you use a low-temperature hair straightener, you will quickly learn how much longer it will take to style your hair. Due to lower temperatures offered by different straighteners, you will have to go over parts of your hair multiple times before you start seeing any results. So make sure that when you go to your popular beauty shop like Sally’s or Ulta, that you get a hair straightener that reaches upwards of 400 degrees or higher. With it, straightening your hair will be a matter of minutes. You should also ensure that the temperature settings of your tool are adjustable. Not all hair straighteners have this feature.

Ideal Width/Size of the Plate

A good hair straightener should work with all hair types. That means you need to check the size of the plate because it determines a lot of things. An ideal size means one that can work regardless of the size and type of hair. It should neither be too small nor too large. According to experts, 3 to 4 centimeters is the best size for everyone. So the next time when you visit your shop make sure to put size into consideration. It influences the results you will get. If you have a short haircut or a pixie-styled hair cut, there are even smaller plates that are available as well. Don’t be afraid to change up your haircut! In fact keeping the same hairstyle may wreck havoc on your fashion style if you don’t mix it up once in a while!

Quality of the Plates

The price of the straightener has a lot to do with the type of materials used on the straightener’s plates themselves. A higher-end model will have plates that are fully ceramic and coated with tourmaline. Tourmaline is a gemstone material created to conduct heat efficiently and safely. Settling for a cheaper material used on your plates will mean the use of glass or a mixture of other metals, which won’t keep your hair straightened for very long. Any stylist will tell you that the plates on your flat iron matter. There are many options for which straighteners are claimed are the best.

The Time It Takes to Heat Up/Turn off

You probably do not want to buy a straightener that will take hours to heat up. A good one should have a plate that heats up in a matter of minutes to seconds. If you are not sure about the time, please ask before choosing one. Some straighteners usually have labels of how long they take to heat up, but others may not have. Therefore, ensure that you purchase something that will do the job in the shortest time possible when you want to straighten your hair. It will save you a lot of time especially when you are in a hurry and still want to have your hair done nicely. Something that may also be important to you is an auto-shut off feature. It’s very hard to find a straightener that does all of the above, and still manages to turn off by itself when you leave the house. The worst feeling is leaving your house not being sure if your hair straightener was turned off or not!

A hair straightener is a very vital tool and you ought to get the right one. Don’t buy any type just
because you want to own one. Take the time to choose a good one, and you’ll be happy with the work it will do for you. If you are not sure about features, please do your homework first. Many beauty retailers have excellent customer service and will even be able to help you find products anywhere from hair straighteners to quality eye serums